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STASIS - Software for Ambient Semantic Interoperable Services

Semantic Week: June 22-26, 2009, Amsterdam

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Questions and Answers

Do I need to pay anything?

All costs of Semantic Week will be covered by the STASIS project, which is part funded by the European Union's FP6 programme and its Software and Services unit, as well as the STASIS project partners. Refreshments, hosting and lunch will be provided, but accommodation and transport are down to individual participants.

Will presentation material be available?

As well as being available on the website, the STASIS projects software application and accompanying material will be given to you on a USB/laser pointer/presentation control card, which you can keep and run at your leisure.

Do I need to do anything?

From a participant point of view the keywords will be hear, listen, absorb, interact and network. The choice and opportunity is all yours. From a presenter and facilitator viewpoint, the opportunities are open for you to invite, include and share your knowledge with others.

Networking Opportunities

As well as the classical networking opportunities, the June/July period is also a prime time occasion since many new EU projects will be producing real results and EU FP7 call 5 will have just been released and so the workshop can help partnership networking or fine-tuning.

What kind of projects and activities?

There are many EU orientated events, from workshops to cluster meetings. One of the differentiators is the focus of the week on semantics. So, groups and projects presenting will be focused towards this subject and will not just mention them in passing.

What will the objective of this week will be and what will the outcome?

The main ideal is an influencing and networking event. It will be the right people and the right place, and the opportunities and potential are all yours including:

  • Update of important focused semantic activities happening in Europe
  • Networking of the knowledge of individuals and projects in this field
  • Technological insights
  • Sharing information about your activity

Will Wi-Fi be available?

Wi-Fi will be available in all locations but you will need to ask for an activation code from the Semantic Week reception desk.