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STASIS - Software for Ambient Semantic Interoperable Services

Semantic Week: June 22-26, 2009, Amsterdam

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Programme Committee

Stuart Campbell, Chief Technology Officer (TIE)

Photograph of Stuart Campbell

Stuart is responsible for defining TIEs strategy, tactical planning, operational delivery and portraying TIE's technical direction and products. Stuart has been involved in the field of e-Business since 1989. Stuart has held notable positions in large and SME organisations, commercial and non-profit including ICL (now Fujitsu), the Western European EDIFACT Board based within the European Commission, the European Standards Institute (CEN), SME eBusiness consultancy and solutions provider CMASS and TIE. Within these organizations Stuart has been involved in executive management, sales, marketing, standards, technology, development, group facilitation and business/technical consultancy. Stuart is a selected SME representative for the NESSI Steering Committee (The European Technology Platform for Software and Services) where he also leads the SME Working group. Recently Stuart has been selected as a NESSI Steering Committee Vice Chair. He has been engaged in multiple EU projects in FP6/7 including SEEMseed, SEAMLESS, STASIS as well as NESSI Projects NEXOF-RA, SOA4ALL and NESSI2010.

Ioannis Kotsiopoulos, Software Engineer (University of Manchester)

Photograph of Ioannis Kotsiopoulos

Ioannis is a Software Engineer in the School of Computer Science, University of Manchester. He graduated in Applied Mathematics from the University of Athens and he has an MSc and an MPhil from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), and a PhD from the University of Manchester. His expertise is in the field of SOA (IBM Certified SOA Associate) and Knowledge Architectures and Semantic Grid technology. He is chairing the ECSS Technical Working Group on Ontologies (TG2). He has worked in several European and UK research projects and he is now working on BREIN.

Maurilio Zuccalà, Software Engineer (CEFRIEL)

Photograph of Maurilio Zuccalà

Maurilio Zuccalà received a M.Sc. in Computer Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. He holds a Master in Information Technology from CEFRIEL. He joined CEFRIEL as a researcher in 2001. He has participated in a number of European and national R&D projects. His research interests include software engineering, SOA, Web 2.0 and e-government. He is currently leading the dissemination activities of the SOA4All project.

Organisation Committee

Paul Cranner, Project Officer (University of Sunderland)

Photograph of Paul Cranner

Paul has worked at the University of Sunderland's Centre for Internet Technologies since 1997. He has previously worked on a wide-range of research and development projects, including EXPERTS & EXPERTS II. Work undertaken in both of these projects contributed directly to 4 parts of the Electronic Business Extensible Mark-up Language (ebXML) being published as ISO standards (ISO/TS15000-1 through 4).

Paul oversees all STASIS dissemination activities, for which CIT is the lead partner. He also manages CIT's contribution to the project.

Lennert Kuijpers, Software Developer (TIE)

Photograph of Lennert Kuijpers

Lennert Kuijpers joined TIE in 1996 as a software engineer in the corporate development department where he was responsible for the development cycle of several corporate software products. In 2006 he joined the European Projects department of TIE where he participated in several projects. Currently Lennert is involved in the STASIS project.

Hamzeh Sheikhhasan, Software Developer (TIE)

Photograph of Hamzeh Sheikhhasan

Hamzeh is a Software Engineer in the European Projects Research and Development team in TIE Holding NV. He is currently involved in the STASIS project. He obtained his BSc in Computer Science and Information Systems from Jordan University of Science and Technology, and an MSc in Grid Computing from the University of Amsterdam. His career path started in 2002 when he joined Autographics Inc. - a Software House in Jordan specialising in Document Management Systems (DMS).