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Publication Details

Posted: 23rd December 2008

  • Paper: Ontological Mappings of Product Catalogues
  • Authors: Domenico BENEVENTANO, Daniele MONTANARI
  • Publication: Proceedings of OM-2008
  • Date published: October 2008


In this paper we built on top of recent effort in the areas of semantics and interoperability to establish the basis for a comprehensive and sustainable approach to the development and later management of bridging systems among a variety of corporate system that need to be interconnected without being individually modified. In particular, we collect some preliminary evidence that a sustainable approach exists to the definition of mappings which can withstand changes of the underlying classification schemes. This in turn adds evidence towards the feasibility of a dynamic interoperable infrastructure supporting a global adaptive electronic market place.


This paper was presented at the Third International Workshop on Ontology Matching in Karlsruhe, Germany. In this paper, the STASIS methodology published in "Ontology-driven Semantic Mapping" was applied to product catalogues.


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