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STASIS - Software for Ambient Semantic Interoperable Services


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Publication Details

Posted: 26th September 2008

  • Paper: Bringing Peer-to-Peer into WebServices
  • Authors: Georgi PAVLOV
  • Publication: Proceedings of International Conference of Automatics and Informatics '08
  • Date published: October 2008


P2P and WebService technologies offer many competitive advantages on their own. They are key success differentiators in their application domains. Instead of perceiving them as competitors it is much more profitable and strategically wise to treat them as complementary technologies. Bringing together the high availability and decentralization of P2P and the SOA concept in WebServices can result in competitive service-oriented solutions that offer best of breed from both worlds This paper outlines and analyses some of the options to use the strengths of P2P in order to bring more value into WebServices-based solutions. The paper is based also on work that is currently part of a jointly funded research project STASIS (partially funded by the European Community 6th Framework programme under contract FP62005IST5034980).


This paper was presented at the International Conference of Automatics and Informatics '08, in Sofia, Bulgaria