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Publication Details

Posted: 10th April 2008

  • Paper: Integration of Distributed Semantic Repositories in a Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Authors: Georgi PAVLOV, Boyan BONCHEV
  • Publication: Proceedings of 3rd Balkan Conference in Informatics
  • Date published: September 2007


Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) enables enterprises to integrate seamlessly their IT solutions in a manner that provides for agility in adaptation to changes and eventually cost reduction. Building composite applications on top of SOA platforms provides more effective solutions, sometimes spreading across large and complex business processes, even crossing enterprise boundaries. On other hand, introducing semantic layer with semantic-wise applications and services in the enterprise IT, facilitates building common knowledge for information used in diverse systems involved in the business processes, both inside and outside the company. Annotating business and operational data with semantic metadata, enables alignment of data used in the information flow between the systems without changing the original source and without any dependability on data format and structure. Combining these two approaches - SOA with semantic annotations, in order to build semantic repositories that fit into SOA, ensures effective solutions with the integration features that were underlined so far. The paper presents how a technological infrastructure of registry and repository network can be utilized to build distributed storage systems with semantic metadata services, as a basis for various registry based applications in a SOA environment.


This paper was presented at the 3rd Balkan Conference in Informatics - BCI '07, in Sofia, Bulgaria