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Partner Profile: AIDIMA


Posted: 1st August 2006

AIDIMA, the technological institute for furniture, wood, packaging and related, is a non-profit scientific, research and educational organisation that is active throughout Europe and particularly in Spain. The main aim of AIDIMA is the transfer of RTD and technological innovation to the Spanish wood and furniture sector to enhance competitiveness in the global market. AIDIMA was created due to an initiative of the private companies in the wood and furniture sector and established in 1984 with the initial support of the Valencian Government, the Spanish Ministry of Industry and the European Union. Today, AIDIMA is the scientific umbrella organisation for almost 650 associated companies throughout Spain.

Role in STASIS

Aidima is the project co-ordinator, and is also actively involved as a user partner. They will also:-

  • Provide sectoral experience and know-how
  • Provide background understanding of systems interoperability in the furniture sector
  • Participate in national and regional dissemination
  • Contact person: Maria Jose Nunyez
  • Home page:
  • Location: Spain