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STASIS - Software for Ambient Semantic Interoperable Services

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Partner Profile: TIE Nederland B.V.

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Posted: 1st August 2006

TIE is an international European B2B eCommerce software company. Its key business areas are trading enablement, transformation and semantic synchronisation, data management and integration. TIE is a member of the European Standards Institute's (CEN) Interoperability Forum (eBIF) and is also chair of the United Nations eBusiness forum (UN/CEFACT) and has been the largest European contributor and leader within ebXML.

Role in STASIS

TIE is the project manager, and is also actively involved in the development of software components. They will also:-

  • Provide sectoral experience and know-how
  • Provide background understanding of systems interoperability
  • Participate in national and regional dissemination