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STASIS - Software for Ambient Semantic Interoperable Services


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Promotional Material

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  • Euro-China Flyer
    Aimed at projects comprising partners from both Europe and China, this flyer includes a best practice guide to ensuring a successful co-operation. 692Kb Adobe pdf document.  Posted: 11th November 2009
  • Official Press Release
    Kick-off press release. 421Kb Adobe pdf document.  Posted: 18th September 2006
  • STASIS Cluster Story
    General information about the STASIS project. 491Kb Adobe pdf document.  Posted: 15th September 2006
  • STASIS Flyer
    This updated flyer presents an overview of STASIS, describing the problem area and the STASIS solution. 2,245Kb Adobe pdf document.  Posted: 13th January 2009
  • STASIS Presentation for eBES
    This presentation was given at the eBES workshop on 11th October 2006. 1,347Kb Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.  Posted: 18th October 2006
  • STASIS Promotional Flyer (Spanish)
    Spanish STASIS flyer presented at Habitat Valencia 2008. 516Kb Adobe pdf document.  Posted: 28th October 2008
  • STASIS Promotional Video
    This 5 minute video presents an overview of the STASIS concept. 10,160Kb Winzip file.  Posted: 2nd October 2009
  • Step by Step Guide to introducing STASIS
    This presentation gives a step by step guide to introducing STASIS. 1,245Kb Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.  Posted: 24th March 2007
  • Understanding Semantic Mapping within STASIS
    This presentation is to be delivered at a workshop and demonstrates the concept of semantic mappings within STASIS. 2,276Kb Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.  Posted: 26th August 2008