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STASIS - Software for Ambient Semantic Interoperable Services


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Research Papers

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  • Access Control on Shared Ontologies
    Presented at Semantic Week (June 23rd 2009) in Amsterdam, this paper explores the new dimension of security management techniques in the perspective of knowledge sharing and presents a proposed approach in the context of a concrete case study. 158Kb Adobe pdf document.  Posted: 5th August 2009
  • Improving Business Information Exchange using Semantics
    Presented at eChallenges 2007 (September 24-26th) in The Hague, The Netherlands, this research paper is based upon early results of the STASIS project. 267Kb Adobe pdf document.  Posted: 2nd November 2007
  • Mapping of heterogeneous schemata, business structures, and terminologies
    Presented at DEXA 2007 in Regensburg, Germany, this research paper describes the early efforts taking place in the STASIS project to identify the issues underlying support for mapping of corresponding entities between such heterogeneous systems. 190Kb Adobe pdf document.  Posted: 14th April 2008
  • Ontological Mappings of Product Catalogues
    Presented at OM-2008 in Karlsruhe, Germany, this paper applies the STASIS methodology published in "Ontology-driven Semantic Mapping" to product catalogues. 191Kb Adobe pdf document.  Posted: 23rd December 2008
  • Ontology-driven Semantic Mapping
    Presented at I-ESA '08 in Berlin, Germany, this research paper discusses the STASIS mapping process and Logical Data Model (a syntax and data model neutral format for the representation of business criteria). 292Kb Adobe pdf document.  Posted: 14th April 2008
  • Simplifying e-Business Collaboration by providing a Semantic Mapping Platform
    Presented at I-ESA '08 (March 25th 2008) in Berlin, Germany, this research paper presents the STASIS approach for creating an application suite that allows enterprises to simplify the mapping process between data schemas, based on semantics as opposed to syntax. 216Kb Adobe pdf document.  Posted: 10th April 2008
  • STASIS - Creating an Eclipse Based Semantic Mapping Platform
    Presented at eChallenges 2008 in Stockholm, this research paper describes how STASIS is using the Eclipse platform to simplify the process of mapping of different business schemas. 405Kb Adobe pdf document.  Posted: 22nd December 2008