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Profile: Gash Bhullar

Posted: 13th November 2006

Photograph of Gash Bhullar
  • Organisation: TANet
  • Job Title: Director and Chairman of TANet Limited, Managing Director of Control 2K Limited

Gash originally set out on his career path as an Electrical Engineer back in 1985. He progressed quickly and soon achieved his ambition to have his own company. GSB Services was formed in 1991.

Winning a major contract with Ford Motor Company Ltd he became responsible for co-ordinating and delivering a wide range of control systems training at various Ford locations. Together with a small team of dedicated professionals he brought cost savings to Ford estimated in excess of £1.5 million. In 1997 Gash moved into the state of the art, purpose built Waterton Technology Centre where he was contracted on behalf of Ford Motor Company to manage their interests in the Training Centre.

Although his qualifications are a HND in Electronics & Computer Engineering and a Diploma in Management  IT Systems, his wealth of experience allowed him to progress into a wide variety of commercial opportunities. Control 2K Limited was formed in 1999. Gash became Managing Director and the company grew from strength to strength delivering Industrial Training Courses, Web Services and Systems Integration. He is also responsible for managing an important Objective 1 Project to assist Tier 2, Tier 3 suppliers to compete in a fiercely competitive market.

Back in 1995, Gash was appointed as one of the directors of TANet (a national organisation of over 21 universities and colleges throughout the UK). He has forged strong links with the DTI and many other government organisations. He took on the chairmanship of TANet around 2003.

Gash prides himself with nurturing a team of self motivated individuals who bring their own excellence to the Company giving it true team spirit.

The future is looking bright as Control 2K Limited steam ahead and develops products for data collection and browser based display systems through Industreweb and eLearning Systems with Flexeweb.

"We'll put Wales on the map as the best place to live, work and enjoy life!" he says.