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STASIS - Software for Ambient Semantic Interoperable Services


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What Will STASIS Deliver?

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STASIS will deliver a suite of services and plug-ins collectively known as the STASIS Desktop Application.

The STASIS Desktop Application is built upon the Eclipse platform which enables rapid application development and the use of extensible plug-ins. The software has an attractive and intuitive user interface which has been designed so that even the most non-technical of users can get to grips with STASIS.

Of course, STASIS recognises that such users will have no interest in understanding what each individual plug-in does or how it works. Rather, they will just want to use STASIS to solve a specific problem as simplistically as possible. This is what Eclipse allows, and users can simply download, install and run the whole Desktop Application with just a few mouse clicks.

STASIS Common Workbench

STASIS Common Workbench

STASIS Common Workbench (click to enlarge)

The core component of the Desktop Application is the STASIS Common Workbench, with which all other plug-ins interact. It provides common functionality such as file management, project management, user interface customisation, favourites, bookmarks and shortcuts.

STASIS Plug-ins

Five core plug-ins provide key functionality to the STASIS Common Workbench:

STASIS Analyser

Import Wizard

Import Wizard (click to enlarge)

The STASIS Analyser allows users to import schemas of different formats into the Common Workbench which then semi-automatically analyses them and identifies semantic assets.


Graphical view of an imported schema

Graphical view of an imported schema (click to enlarge)

The STASIS Viewer allows users to examine and search for semantic assets stored in STASIS. This is particularly useful when building new content such as messages or interface definitions as existing strategies and definitions can be taken advantage of which, in turn, will bring the user benefit since these semantics are already part of the network.

STASIS Comparator

The STASIS Comparator allows users to compare their own semantic assets with those of business partners. Users are prompted about any unclear results and assisted in resolving them before mappings between related assets are created.

Find and map semantic assets (click an image to enlarge)

STASIS Purifier

The STASIS Purifier automatically analyses semantic assets stored in STASIS, looking for infrequently used or incorrect entries, suggesting their removal or update to users.

STASIS Storage

STASIS utilises a custom-built P2P-based storage facility where semantic assets can be found.